The village of Miasino is only ten minutes by car from Orta. Up there, at nearly 500 m above sea level the air is pure, fresh and dry...

We know nothing about its origins but anyone can tell from its elegant and imposing palazzi that the golden age of Miasino was the 17th century. In those times the village was extremely wealthy, its inhabitants working away as cloth merchants and innkeepers, mostly in Lucca, Rome and Milano.

The huge parish church of San Rocco boasts an incredible number of first class works of art: carvings, stuccoes, paintings and frescoes, almost entirely crafted in the 17th century.

In the middle of the town the elegant Villa Nigra has graceful façades completely covered with frescoes; you can sit outside in its garden, drinking a cappuccino or eating good local food from the little restaurant recently opened in the former service rooms. In addition to the beautiful buildings, winding lanes and art works, Miasino offers the unique chance to enjoy a spectacular view of the lake from the private garden of an imposing 19th century villa!

If you like walking, Miasino offers a variety of easy and pleasant paths and tracks, the best way to enjoy this 17th century gem.