Island of San Giulio

The little Island of San Giulio is an enchanting place with rich and ancient history.

Its unique atmosphere will seduce you immediately and you will feel transported back through the centuries… Silence and a simple beauty: these are the main ingredients of this place. There are only two residents still living permanently on the island, besides the group of Benedictine nuns living in seclusion in the tall, imposing building of the monastery “Mater Ecclesiae”.

For many centuries pilgrims have travelled to the Basilica of san Giulio from all corners of the world: nowadays they’ve largely been replaced by tourists looking for beauty, art and a deep sense of spirituality. The body of the saint is kept in the elegant, baroque crypt under the high altar. Magnificent fresco paintings of the early Renaissance decorate the church’s walls. Beside them an ancient, beautifully carved stone pulpit dating back to the 12th century is the most precious piece for art lovers.
A leisurely walk of about 20 minutes around the island will offer you an unforgettable feeling of peace and relaxation.

It’s also possible to organise short cruises by motorboat which give a unique opportunity to view both the Island and the waterfront of Orta from the lake.