Veneto: passion, history and pure beauty

The Veneto region will seduce you at once with its astonishing towns and landscapes, these last varying from romantic sea views and extensive flat lands, to gentle hills spotted with villas and castles, up to magnificent, unforgettable mountains, the Dolomites!

The are several UNESCO World Heritage sites in Veneto, among them whole town centres as in the case of VICENZA or VERONA. Not to mention VENICE, the superstar!

Let yourself be seduced by the breathless beauty of Veneto’s highlights, be it the timeless landscape of the Dolomites and their glowing pearl, CORTINA D’AMPEZZO, or the romantic towns of PADUA, Treviso, Asolo and Conegliano, with its surrounding hills covered with vineyards (Prosecco wine!).

You’ll taste excellent, utterly different dishes belonging to the local traditions: Veneto is a land of sea, of rolling countryside, and yet a land of hills and high, majestic mountains...