Lombardy: variety, seduction and grandeur

This is the land of culture, historical grandeur, the centre of fashion, modern architecture, excellence in research and academia. Its UNESCO World Heritage sites are numerous and manifold in nature.

Visit MILANO, but please, not only for SHOPPING!
The capital of top quality shopping also hosts unexpected valuable museums and works of art.

Pay a visit to Santa Maria del Monte (VARESE) if you’re looking for a romantic village with lavishly decorated architectures and endless views! At the old workers’village of Crespi d’Adda (BERGAMO) you’ll discover a perfectly preserved industrial site from the end of the 19th century still inhabited today!

Towns like Brescia, Cremona and Mantua (with the “little” Sabbioneta) have been designated UNESCO World Heritage sites thanks to their breathless beauty and undisputed importance in history and tradition. Cremona boasts an extraordinary Museum dedicated to the violin and its craftsmanship.

Whilst visiting the absolutely unique World Heritage site of the CAMONICA Valley with its prehistoric rock art, you will not want to miss getting on board the BERNINA EXPRESS red train in Tirano taking you in around two hours through one of the most amazing mountain landscapes in the whole world! You’ll get off at the gateway to swanky St. Moritz (CH) at 1,700 m asl!