Looking for a Tour Guide or for a Tour Leader in italy?

When you look for a Tourist Guide (“Guida turistica”) in Italy always be careful that he/she has got a specific License; he/she should always wear the badge (tesserino) that proves professional qualification.
Unlike the situation prior to September 2013, today a Tour Guide is allowed to work throughout the whole of Italy, according to Law n. 97/2013. But in the future things could change again, introducing a further specific license for the most important Italian cultural sites.

In Italy a Guida Turistica has got a different license from the Tour Leader (Accompagnatore turistico) : the latter can only accompany tourists throughout their journey, taking care of the practicalities, but cannot by law make guided visits to city centres, churches, museums, excavations and so on, which is the specific remit of a Tour Guide. Both Tourist Guides and Tour Leaders should always have their professional badge visible!