Why me?

It’s said that WHY is often more important than WHAT, so… Why should you choose ME as your Local Guide?

For a few simple reasons

  • I wasn’t born here, I left the big city because I really fell in love with this magic place. I adore it!
  • I’m very curious and sociable, I love being in the company of travellers, talking and listening to them, answering all their questions!
  • I often travel as a tourist as well. That makes me understand when it’s actually too little… or too much!
  • Don’t forget I’m an art historian. Maybe I have that little extra bit, right?

Now, it’s only up to you! All you have to do is to contact me at the mail address below and I’ll be happy to reply. See you one day - I hope - on the amazing Lake Orta, or somewhere else around this region!